Partner Emails Sent – IGToteSwap is Underway

Wow, it’s been a crazy weekend! 76 participants, 5 swap moms and we’ve sent all our emails out in a day and a half. We even got several people who expressed interest in being available in the event that anyone dropped out or couldn’t finish the swap.

So now, the next steps are for people to:

  • Check email – make sure you have an email with partner info!
  • Post inspiration pics!
  • Stalk your person’s feed for THEIR inspo
  • Tote it up!

WOO! Tiny little post, I know, but now it’s time for me to get sewin’ for Christmas!

– Hannah


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#IG Tote Swap – Exciting Day!

I am now updating this bloggy and getting ready to send my group their partner’s information! This is so awesome, and just the project I needed to get excited about sewing and crafting again. I really love that Brandy was able to convince me to join IG and find out what all the fuss was about. We spent 2 hours this morning at Chick Fil A updating our handy Google Doc and sending out moderator emails. I’m going to go ahead and start emailing my group now! Squee!

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#IG Tote Swap Underway!


7:56pm Update*******Entry form link has been removed from my site early since I won’t be near a computer around the closing time – if you would still like to sign up, you have until 9pm today [11/21]! Please click here to reroute to M3_Quilts’ blog and sign up there.***** 

I’m SO excited to be a co-host for my first ever swap! Brandy over at M3 Quilts and I are so excited to be swap mamas and cannot WAIT to see what cute totes come through our feeds! Since this is going to be done around the holiday season, we are going to make the deadline several months away to allow for our participants to take their time and enjoy Christmastime.

Signup deadline: November 26, 2014

Early mailing begins: January 26, 2015

Send deadline: February 1st, 2015

So here’s what the swap entails (linked directly from M3 Quilts):

1. We are making tote bags!  You are welcome to make them as simple or complex as you would like.  Pockets or no pockets, zippers or no zippers, we will leave that totally up to you!

2. Your tote must measure no less than 12″ tall x 12″ wide x 2″ deep

3. ONLY quilt shop quality material please!

4. We highly encourage ALL levels of quilters and sewists!  Are you scared of sending your creations to someone because they won’t measure up?  Please don’t worry about it!  Just put your heart into what you make, and I know that your swap partner will LOVE it!

5. Since there are only two of us running this swap, we are currently limiting this swap to the first 50 people that fills out the form below.  If we have any swap mama’s or papa’s that want to jump in and help us with a group, we will definitely consider opening this up to more people!

6. Extra treats/items added to your package is not required, but not discouraged.

7. This is NOT a swap specific to any holiday/season!

8. This will be a BLIND swap!  You will know your partner, but your partner will not know who you are, so feel free to post full pictures and/or sneak peeks!

9. Since this is our first swap, we are going to limit this to IG users only, and only to those that are in the United States!  We LOVE our over-seas friends, but we will include you guys in on the next round if this one proves to be a smashing success.

10. We will keep this open until November 26th and partner information will be sent out by November 30th!  Send deadline will be February 1st, 2015.  You are welcome to send it as early as January 26th, 2015, but please no earlier!  If you need to send earlier, please contact either Hannah or I first!

Well, that’s it, I think!  We will both be posting on our blogs and IG’s to encourage and root for everyone!  Please use the hashtag #IGToteSwap when you are posting about your progress so everyone can follow you!


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TOTES awesome weekend.

Fun-filled weekend! Did my fair share of partying with friends, spent some quality time with family, and got my CRAFTY on with Brandy! I even made my first ever very own TOTE BAG! thanks to her patience and expertise. I have to say that she made it much easier than I anticipated it to be, and I am so thankful that she is able to help me through this obsessio— I mean, hobby. Yes, I am pleased to say that my craftiness is extending beyond just sewing and making bath supplies! OBSERVE!

20141115_135052 20141115_134858 20141115_134912

It took me around and hour and I was utterly scared of screwing something up. Not doing something correctly really bugs me, I’ve noticed. I hyper analyze my mistakes so if I have a say, I avoid opportunities to make too many mistakes. I’m kinda proud of this sucker! I think i’m going to make one for all the people in my life! Seriously.. My mom, Sarah, Amanda K, Mel, Hailey, Abby, Amanda G, Ashley has to have one too… That’s 8 totes! I might as well just make 10 to make it a nice whole number. Give myself a headstart on Etsy. ;D I think that will be my goal for next week: Bust out these totes.

Now it’s time for bed… I have lunch packed and outfit mentally prepared, so I can just run out the door when i inevitably wake up late tomorrow.

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Embarking on the Blogging journey!

My name is Hannah and I have decided to open up a quilt and craft shop on Etsy! My store opening date is Jan 1, 2015, and I’m currently in the process of designing and creating my inventory. I think my style is eclectic, yet clean. I really love using whimsical floral and vintage inspired fabrics. My main passion is quilting, but I’ll also be making handmade greeting cards, bath gifts, hair accessories, totes and more! It’ll be a great one-stop-shop for gifts and personal indulgences alike. ^_^

I’m 25 years old and I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with my adorable mini Aussie (Lady), and ornery cat (Lola) . Behold the cuteness below.

Photo on 4-25-14 at 7.57 PM #4 Photo on 5-18-14 at 5.47 AM #5

Daw. 🙂

I have quite a wide variety of subjects that I am passionate about. I have a degree in psychology because of my love of the amazing human mind and the reasons behind our behaviors. I also am reconnecting with my good friend Yoga, who has been in my life for about 4 years now. Practicing yoga regularly and (attempting to) maintain a positive, clear-minded attitude has helped me see how small and insignificant my problems can be when compared to the greatness that is our wonderful earth and universe.

I first started quilting in 2012, using the traditional hoop ‘n needle method to stitch my projects together by hand. Since this was quite time consuming, I let my good friend Brandy, a fellow quilter, talk me into how this whole “machine quilting” business worked after putting together several hand-stitched projects. All the women in my family have only done hand-quilted work, so I certainly got my fair share of criticism when switching to a machine. However, I have been hooked on machine quilting ever since and enjoy it for many reasons – the hum of the machine as my quilt whirrs through it is meditative in itself. It also allows me to complete my projects more quickly and move on to the next project that is floating inside my head.

Also thanks to Brandy, who has taught me many things about the art of quilting, I have created a few social network outlets in preparation of the Etsy store that should be open in 2015. Feel free to browse my (momentarily bare) social media outlets below.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for questions about customized work that I do. I have created custom wedding and tee shirt quilts! I’ll be posting a portfolio very shortly for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! (although I’m sure no one has read this yet…)




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